Tying The Water Bowline

Ok, to kick off the new category ‘Knot of the Month‘ I’m going to let you have a go at the Water Bowline. Most will be familiar with the regular Bowline and the Water Bowline is simply a more secure knot and is supposed to work better than the regular Bowline when wet.

Just read my easy-to-follow instructions below, and you’ll be tying this beauty in under 3 years, guaranteed! 👍🏽


How to tie the Water Bowline

Ok, holding the rope in both hands, you form a loop like a letter ‘p’ and then form another one above or below (I can’t remember) and then cross one over the other one (I can’t remember which one) and then get the rabbit out of the hole and pass his head over one of the loops (it might be both, not sure now) and pull on the tree to complete the knot. If the knot slips then you’ve obviously not got the rabbit hole aligned with the 2nd loop which at this point should be around the base of the tree and dont forget the 1st. loop should really be adjacent to the rabbit hole at this point in order to facilitate your index finger.

See, I said it was easy! I will post instructions for left-handed users next month. Let me know if you want instructions for other knots.

If you had trouble understanding the above (I’d be very surprised!) then here’s a video of the Water Bowline from the excellent Grogs Knots site:





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