Welcome to the B.O.A.T. website!

We now have a platform with which to inform our members, and any other interested persons, of all the latest news and forthcoming events at the B.O.A.T. headquarters in Teignmouth.

At present we only have the bare bones of a site however this is work-in-progress, and we aim to update the site on a regular basis with hopefully interesting boat-related info.

We need your help!

If you have any suggestions, tips or ideas on how to improve the site then please don’t hesitate to make contact. It would be great to feature boat or fishing related articles written by club members, so please try and help where you can. All we need is a pdf or Word doc and we can do the rest. (We can even set you up with your own blog on the site if you wish!) Photos or links to relevant videos are most welcome.

As well as the main menu at the top of the page there are extra categories listed in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page. If you’d like to see another category not listed here then please drop us a line.

Please feel free to test the comment boxes or contact forms around the site and let us know if anything’s not working as it should. We need your feedback to develop the site into something useful for the Teignmouth boating community, as well as those living further afield.

Finally, if you’re ready to post an article, then this can be done here: Submit Article


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