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Hi all,

I’m trying to make life a little easier for members (and logged in site visitors) to communicate with each other on the site so have now added a ‘Forum‘. If you’re unfamiliar with how an Internet forum works, then this short explanation on Wikipedia may help – What is a Forum?

It may seem a bit fiddly to use at first however it won’t take long to navigate your way around and make sense of the options. At present we only have a handful of forum categories (just to get the ball rolling) but we can add more as and when they’re needed.

A couple of members have already posted messages, (2 boats for sale and 1 member seeking advice), so please dive in and take part. If you have any ideas or suggestions for forum categories, or anything else, then please drop me a line via the ‘Contact’ link in the main menu or better still, start a ‘thread’ in the Site Feedback & Suggestions category. (There’s a link to this forum at the end of this post).

If you look in the sidebar on the right hand side of any page you’ll now notice an extra section that shows the ‘Latest Activity on the Forums‘. Clicking on a topic title will take you to that post.

To find the main ‘Forums‘, look for the link top right of the page at the end of the menu, as below:

forums screenshot

You can also get there with this link – Forums

Here’s the link to go directly to the Site Feedback & Suggestions forum. You’ll see there’s already one post made (a welcome message from me). Below that, you’ll be able to start your own thread, just enter a Subject and then create your message in the editing window below.

You also have the facility to upload images and tick a box to be notified by email of any replies. Links to YouTube videos will also embed in the message editor. (I’ll be moving the Boating Videos category from the main site into the forums).

So, if you’re looking to sell a boat, have some boating bits & bobs you want to sell (or even give away), need a hand with moving a boat, looking for a boating buddy for the day, get/give advice on boating, engines, maintenance, fishing or just want to catch up with what’s been happening down at the clubhouse, then please don’t be shy and help drive the site/club forward by taking an active part.


P.S. C’mon, get posting! 😎



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  1. Chris Davis says:

    That’s great just what we need on the site, hopefully we can get more users big thumbs up from me


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