It’s only once a year . . .

Members of the B.O.A.T. Historical Section have been scouring the archives and believe they may have found something of national interest.
A rare piece of film has surfaced which may cause the history books to be rewritten.
Unfortunately I think the audio is in French. But don’t worry, even though my French is a bit limited I think I’ve nailed the translation.

So sit back, and enjoy this first ever screening of . . .

“It’s Only Once a Year . . .”

A B.O.A.T. Cinematography Dept. Production
“A poignant trip through the archives of history.
Hope, despair, treachery, anger and frustration surrounds this moment in time.”


2 Responses to It’s only once a year . . .

  1. Chairman says:

    Eckulspetun un deeklle shun vun dilshin mit, pom de frit min shinulagur!

  2. Alan Madams Alan Madams says:

    Brilliant worthy of a Bafta!


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