Expert demo of tennis ball launcher

Tennis ball launcherHaving performed this death defying stunt at the B.O.A.T. Bonfire Night gathering, Club Chairperson and ex stuntman, Martyn ‘Evel’ Harvey was inundated with requests to explain how he performs this miracle of precision ballistics.

The B.O.A.T. Film Dept. (Pyrotechnics Division) was contacted and asked to produce a short documentary.


No club members were harmed (apart from Pete with 2nd degree burns) in the making of this film. To book your own ball launching lesson, call the club any day before 5.00am.


One Response to Expert demo of tennis ball launcher

  1. martyn harvey says:

    Bring your own ball.

    Might bring an indoor version to the Xmas party, book now to avoid disappointment!


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