Dinghy/Tender For Sale

imageSafe, seaworthy Tender for sale. No leaks!

The boat is 10’6″ in length, 4’8″ beam and approx. 2′ freeboard making this the ideal boat for getting to your main boat with room for all your gear/fuel etc.

A 3.3hp outboard (not included) will push this along nicely. Boards have been fitted making this an ideal river fishing platform also. Rowlocks included but no oars.

£250 o.v.n.o.

To arrange a viewing, call Paul on: 07748 722638


2 Responses to Dinghy/Tender For Sale

  1. martyn harvey says:


    Looks like it’s just been washed up, does it come with any discarded life jackets?


    Rodger (the cabin boy)

  2. Paul_H Paul_H says:

    You won’t need life jackets with this little beauty!


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